Merging inks is the brainchild of visual artist and designer Roxanne Williams a platform inspired by the olympics with the aim to connect, create and collaborate with artists of all disciplines. 



Our events connect a multitude of disciplines, people and cultures through art. We attract participants and guests as far as Malaysia, Mexico, Italy and so on. An environment of exchange where designers meet their buyers, artists meet new collaborators and musicians make new followers. 


Our jams result in exhibitions made live in front of an audience, inspired by the live performances and the theme of the night. Artists bring their own styles, ideas and techniques to push the canvases further and take the watching audience on a creative journey.


At the heart of Merging Inks is collaboration. Each canvas or surface painted is rotated among the participating artists. This challenges them to build on ideas, attempt to merge styles without overpowering or not expressing themselves and also importantly trust their fellow creatives with their passion. It all makes for an interesting experience whether your watching or taking part.

Outside of the events series we encourage participants to connect, create and collaborate. This has lead to projects between participants such as the video on the left featuring BBC The Voice singer ‘Cherri Prince’ and Angler pianist Cameron Reynolds.

infographic_MergingInks About